Limitations and Precautions of Tedlar Bags: Navigating the  Challenges in Gas Sampling

Limitations and Precautions of Tedlar Bags: Navigating the Challenges in Gas Sampling

January 29, 2024 0 By seblogger

Tedlar Bag’s Introduction

Tedlar bags, made from polyvinyl fluoride (PVF), are widely used in various industries for gas sampling due to their chemical inertness and stability. However, like any tool, they have limitations and require certain precautions for accurate and safe use.

Temperature Sensitivity

One of the primary limitations of Tedlar bags is their temperature sensitivity. While they can withstand brief high temperatures up to 204°C, the recommended operational temperature is below 120°C. Exceeding this limit risks compromising the bag’s integrity, potentially leading to sample loss or contamination​

Moisture Content Consideration

Special measures such as using a chilled knockout impinger are essential for samples with high moisture content (more than 2%). High moisture can affect the bag’s properties and the accuracy of the sample. This is particularly important in environmental testing, where the moisture content can vary widely.​​.

Chemical Reactivity and Permeability

While Tedlar bags are chemically inert to many substances, they are unsuitable for all chemicals. Some compounds, especially smaller molecules like hydrogen and helium, can permeate through the bag material, leading to sample loss over time. This makes rapid analysis crucial for specific gases.​​.

Pressure and Volume Limitations

Handling high-pressure gas samples requires caution to prevent bag rupture. Using a gas regulator or valve is advisable to control the filling rate and volume. Overfilling or rapid filling can cause the bag to burst, posing safety risks and leading to sample loss.

Handling and Storage

Proper handling and storage of Tedlar bags are crucial. They should be stored clean, dry, and cool to maintain their integrity. Physical damage to the bags, such as punctures or tears, can compromise the sample.

Cleaning and Reusability

Cleaning procedures for Tedlar bags must be thorough to avoid cross-contamination between samples. However, repeated use and cleaning can degrade the material’s reliability.


While Tedlar bags are a valuable tool in gas sampling, understanding and adhering to their limitations and necessary precautions is vital to obtaining accurate and reliable results. By considering factors like temperature, moisture content, chemical reactivity, pressure, handling, storage, and cleaning, users can effectively leverage Tedlar bags in various applications, from environmental monitoring to medical research.

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